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BeSide & Associates advises and facilitates process evolution for leading creatives, companies, and institutions on critical issues around human-machine-interaction, technospatial user experience, and crossfunctional design/engineering strategy. Our clients include top agencies, some of the world’s most respected brands, and future-looking startups across a wide range of industries including retail, automotive, technology, consumer products, finance, and entertainment.

BeSide & Associates is the consulting practice of BeSide Digital, allowing us to continually apply the latest real-world practical experience to our consulting work.

What is “technospatial design”?

Technospatial design is our invented term meaning “devising for a specific function or end according to an empathic understanding of the manners of interaction between built environments, humans, and computerized technology.”

BS&A specializes in helping clients to apply the principles of technospatial thinking to their design and engineering processes. Our training and consulting help enable crossfunctional teams in any industry to use technospatial design frameworks to conceive and execute better solutions and more seamlessly collaborate.


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